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Exterior Steel Out-Swing Doors

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About our Steel Out-Swing Doors

Call Size Price Chart



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How to Measure for the Call Size of an Out-Swing Door

Out-Swing Door Components

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About our Steel Exterior Out-Swing Doors

An out-swing entrance door that gives your home a clean and classic look without compromising security and energy efficiency. With heavy-duty steel paneling and a galvanized steel frame, this door securely protects your entryway. It is completely pre-hung, ready to install. The door has a flat mounting flange.

*White painted galvanized steel mounting frame- White Exterior and Interior face- Six Panel Design- 1 3/8" door thickness- 9-Lite Window Option available- Effective Polystyrene foam core insulation- Complies with HUD standard 3280.405. 

The actual buck inset of these doors is " less than the call width and 3/8" less than the CALL height (For example: 34 x 76 Call size has an exact inset of 33 " x 75 5/8".

Sealant tape and screws are not included.

Full perimeter compression gaskets and seals.
Fully prepped for knob/lockset and deadbolt lock.
Four extruded hinges with bushings.
Blank Door- No Window, Left Hinged
9-Lite Window, Right Hinged 
4-Square Window, Left Hinged 


Our Price and Part Number Chart

This chart lists part numbers and the price of our exterior out-swing doors.

Note: The "call size" is the measurement of the stud-to-stud rough

opening in the wall, and not the exact measurement of the door itself!

For more help on how to measure for this door, go here.

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"Call Size" and

Hinge Side▼

Blank- No Window With 20" x 36" 9-Lite Window With 4-Lite Window
32 x 72 Left-Hinge 84102-L6P- $231.43 Now $175.99 84107-6P- $284.06 84103-6P-SQ4- $257.99
32 x 72 Right-Hinge 84102-R6P- $231.43 Now $175.99 84108-6P- $284.06 84104-6P-SQ4- $257.99
32 x 76 Left-Hinge 84113-L6P- $244.29

84118-6P- $299.84

84114-6P-SQ4- $260.89
32 x 76 Right-Hinge 84113-R6P- $244.29

84119-6P- $299.84

84115-6P-SQ4- $260.89
34 x 76 Left-Hinge

84135-L6P- $248.17

84140-6P- $302.16

84136-6P-SQ4- $285.09
34 x 76 Right-Hinge

84135-R6P- $248.17

84141-6P- $302.16

84137-6P-SQ4- $285.09
34 x 80 Left-Hinge 84157-L6P- $279.19

84162-6P- $335.31

Not Available
34 x 80 Right-Hinge 84157-R6P- $279.19

84163-6P- $335.31

Not Available
36 x 76 Left-Hinge 84187-L6P- $274.83 84187-L6P9- $337.32 Not Available
36 x 76 Right-Hinge 84187-R6P- $274.83 84187-R6P9- $337.32 Not Available
36 x 80 Left-Hinge 84168-L6P- $253.96

84173-6P- $355.07

Not Available
36 x 80 Right-Hinge 84168-R6P- $253.96 Not Available 84170-6P-SQ4- $283.69
How to Identify Left Hinge: Look at the door from the outside of the home. The side with the hinges determines left or right hinge. (Example: hinges on the left, left-hinged door) Shipping Note: Exterior Out-Swing Doors must ship by freight. Shipping and handling ranges from $195-$450 depending on your shipping address.  Please email us for an exact quote.



*Shipping/handling and taxes are not included in the price of the item. *S/H- Shipping/Handling estimates are based on a single shipment (one item ordered) to most residences in the 48 contiguous United States. We can and will combine shipping whenever possible to give you the most economical shipping rate. Shipping rates will be higher for more expedited shipments.  

Please e-mail us for more information about your order, and don't forget to mention the part numbers!
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