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Bathtubs with “Permalux” Finish and Permalux Plus Bottom Coating

 “Permalux” Polymer Alloy is a high gloss/ high impact acrylic finish, hard as a rock and stain resistant, no chipping, peeling or spider webs! This is the best picture we could find to show you the beautiful, shiny finish of Permalux.

 “Permalux Plus” is a rigid, high impact 2-part composite material applied to the underside of the tub to give it a smooth backing for easier handling and installation, and a longer life! The composite material is yellowish in color, but you won’t see it after it’s installed.

These are really sturdy tubs!

“Permalux Plus” tubs are also reinforced at the apron with a gusset on each side.

The following “Kinro Composites” bathtubs are available with “Permalux Plus”

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