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Steel Skirting

Please note: Many of our steel skirting items are discontinued and quantities are limited. We no longer offer any steel panels.

Please choose from one of the following or scroll down the page:

MetalMax “Z-Bar” Top Trim

*New Item! Not discontinued!

MetalMax “J-Rail” Ground Channel

*New Item! Not discontinued!

“Z-Bar” Top Trim


The following colors are still available in trim.
Important Note: The colors shown on this page are digital representations and may not reflect the exact color of the item. For further assistance please contact us!


Ground channel and 9′ Corners only.

Colonial White

Top trim only

Dark Brown

Ground channel , top trim, and 9′ Corners only.

Medium Brown

Top trim, 3′ Corners, and 9′ Corners only.


9′ Corners only.

Dark Gray

Top trim, 3′ Corners, and 9′ Corners only.


3′ Corners and 9′ Corners only.


Top trim and 9′ Corners only.

Light Gray

 Ground channel only.


Ground channel only.

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