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“Elixir” 9000 Steel Combination Entry Doors

Elixir Industries makes a solid steel house-type door that is comparable, if not superior, to its Kinro counterpart. We keep select doors on the floor with a few window options and sizes, but of course we can also build a custom door just for you, It’s your home, after all!

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About Our Elixir 9000 Doors

Vinyl Laminated Galvanized Steel- .0165 Steel with 9 mm of Vinyl- Double Seal- Folded Steel Edge with Weatherstripping- Protects against air, light, and water- Adjustable Door Stop- Polyurethane Foam Core- Highly energy efficient- Quality Cellular PVC Jambs- Swivel Bolts- Easy Lock Installation- Three Fin Vinyl Sweep- Sloped Threshold- Storm Door with Built-in Drip Cap- Closure Kit

“Serving You Best”