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Plastic Plumbing Fittings

State of the art Plumbing system for Manufactured housing, Residential, Recreational Vehicles, or Marine.

Revolutionary! Simple! Reliable!

Flared-Cone and nut fittings designed for normal hot and cold potable water. *Reusable fittings- no corrosion or scaling. *Simple installation. No crimping tools, cements, solder or Teflon tape needed. 

May be used on Polybutylene (gray) tubing or the new Pex tubing! ⅜” and ½” fittings can be used on either type of tubing. ¾” fittings for PEX tubing use only (unless you use one of these).

Sold individually or in bags of ten.

*Complies with ASTMD 3309 and NSF listed (standard 14)

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How to Use Flair-It Fittings

Step 1- Slide nut over tubing.

Step 2- Firmly press tubing onto the flare of the fitting until the tubing rest against the fitting threads.

Step 3- Slide the nut to the threads and tighten securely onto the fitting.






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