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Calculating the materials for a skirting kit can be complicated, especially when there are so many kinds of skirting, and colors, and functions, to determine, and even a little math gets involved. Telling us you “need skirting for a double-wide” is about as helpful as telling a waiter you “need something to eat”.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t figure it out for you.

All we needed to do was to make some kind of a “menu” for you to see all the choices that are available. If you can give us a few details and show us exactly what you want, we can arrive reasonably close to the exact amount of all the components it would take to enclose your home.

We offer a wide range of options and we are happy to provide to you a free quote. All you have to do is fill it out, and we will come back with a price and availability. For the most common kits we can ship it out or have it ready for you to pick up the same day.

The few details we will need are measurements, how many lineal (horizontal, running) feet and also how how high off the ground your home sits (the more places you can measure the more accurate will be the quote! We will also be asking for things to help us determine what you will need to work with your soil and climate.

It won’t exactly be like building a pizza online, though. We can show you images but maybe not combined together, so your imagination will have to take over a little.

Please give it a try! You might just decide you want to buy it, and we would have no problem with that!

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