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Vinyl Exterior Siding

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About “Harbour Crest” Siding

“Harbour Crest”, made by Style-Crest,  is a line of premium vinyl siding that delivers long lasting beauty and performance. Featuring a deep embossed wood grain surface and a secure, positive locking system for easy installation, it comes in a variety of attractive colors.

Virtually maintenance free, Harbour Crest siding can be cleaned with a long handle, soft-bristle brush and mild detergent if needed. Cleaning solutions can vary depending on the stain or dirt, but most detergents are common household cleaning products.

Special Features Include:  A reinforced nail hem built to withstand winds of up to 193 miles per hour- Resists dents, hail damage, scratches and fading- Secure, positive locking system- Resistant to fungus, mildew, and wood-boring insects

Lap Siding Panels



Soffit Panels (White Only)


Color Selection

White Birch- 02

Classic Sand- 11

Warm Sandalwood- 17

Sunny Maize- 22

Summer Wheat- 26

Harbor Stone- 44

Soft Willow- 41

Pebble Clay- 43

Basket Beige- 46

Slate Blue- 47

Graphite Grey- 49

Artisan Clay- 61

Meadow- 82

Java- 52

Seagrass- 79

Nutmeg- 86

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