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This is a left hinge door.

When you are shopping for an exterior mobile home door, you will need to tell us on which side the hinges are placed when looking at the door from the outside! Stores like Home Dept or Lowes will ask you to do the opposite, so forget what you know about site built homes and just remember these easy rules-

1. Step outside your home.

2. Turn around and face the door- remember you are outside right now, on your steps or on your porch.

3. Look at the door. On which side are the hinges? Not the doorknob, but the hinges!

4. You are outside looking at the door. Are the hinges on the left side? Yes? You have

a left-hinged door

Are the hinges on the right side? Yes? That means you have

a right-hinged door

We will need other important stuff, like measurements, but knowing which way the door swings is vital!

This is a right hinge door.

Now, if you have a house-type door (that’s a door with both an in-swing door and an out-swing storm door attached to a jamb) then you will have hinges on both doors, but the perspective is still from the outside of the house. Always from the outside!

Normally house-type doors have all their hinges the same side of the doorway, but if you need hinges on the in-swing door across from the hinges on the out-swing storm door, we can accomodate you.