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How to Make Your Own Window Screens

Window Screens are very easy to make and repair.
You will need the following tools: 1 tape measure, 1 pencil,
1 hacksaw, 1 Spline Tool and 1 sharp knife.
For one screen you will need 4 plastic corners, 2 retention clips,
enough screen frame and spline string
to cover the perimeter of the screen, and enough screen cloth
to cover the area of the screen!

1. Measure for the width and height of your screen.
The width of your screen cannot exceed the opening in the window,
and the height should be about ¼” less then the opening height.

You can also use a screen from an identical window as a template.

◄ 2. Measure and mark the 4 screen frame pieces with a tape measure and pencil. Take the overall width of the screen (measured from edges of the corners) and subtract 1 ¼” (for 5/8″ frame) or 1 ½” (for ¾” frame)- that will be the correct length of your top and bottom frame borders.

Then take the overall height of the screen and subtract 1 ¼” (for 5/8″ frame) or 1 ½” (for ¾” frame) to determine the correct lengths of the left and right borders.

◄ 3. Cut the screen frame pieces with a hacksaw. Cut directly along the pencil mark.

4. Assemble your frame. First slip the retaining clips into the top screen frame border, then slip in the plastic corner pieces. The hollowed sides of the plastic corners will be on the same side as the trench on the screen frame borders.

◄ Unassembled frame showing the back sides of the corners and frame borders.

Unassembled frame showing the front sides of the corners and frame borders ►

◄ 6. Starting at one corner, place one end of your spline string over the cloth and the trench. Use the spline tool to roll the spline string and the screen cloth carefully and firmly into the trench. When you get to the next corner, use your pencil to push the spline string into the corner area and then continue down the next side with your spline tool. Having a helper to hold the frame and cloth in place while you work the spline tool makes it very quick and easy. When you are finishing up the final side, the cloth should be pulled taut and flat on all sides.

◄ 7. Cut off the excess spline string with scissors or a knife after you have gone all the way around, and tuck in the end with a pencil.


Now your screen cloth is firmly embedded on all 4 sides, with the spline holding the cloth in the trench all the way around. ►

◄ 8. Finally, trim the excess cloth by running a sharp blade around the outside edge of the trench on all 4 sides.

You now have a screen ready to install in your window! ►

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