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Interior Doors

Interior Doors are doors that are found completely inside the house. A door leading to the outside is considered an exterior door, even though you can see the door from the interior. Interior doors are doors that connect rooms, or open up to closets, or bathtubs and showers. Sorry, but we do not sell cabinets, and therefore no cabinet doors.

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Interior Door Slabs

Our Interior Doors are sold as slabs that are not pre-hung. 
Jambs, hinges and hardware are sold separately. Interior door call sizes match up with the measurement of the slab door itself, width by height.

Interior Door Hardware

We offer basic interior door hardware in three colors to match the decor of your door’s surroundings.

Interior Door Jambs and Trim

Our Interior Doors are sold as slabs that are not pre-hung, so if you need any part of an interior doorway, you can find it here. All the items shown below may need to be cut down to fit your particular doorway.

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