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   We hear it too often, a customer walks in off the street and asks for a door. We ask for the size and they say “standard size”. We ask, “did you measure?“. If they say no, then we take them to our door display and show them how we find out the call size of a door. 

   There is no such thing in our industry as a standard size door! They come in many different sizes. So do windows! You must take measurements.

   Also, we don’t sell a standard skirting kit, we build one from measurements- homes are different sizes and sit at different heights off the ground. Yardsticks and tape measures will help you tremendously.

   The best thing you can do before shopping for these items is to measure! Don’t guess! The more ways you can measure your door or window, or anything that has a size to it (everything), the easier it will be to purchase exactly what you need!

   People ask us if they can bring back a door if it doesn’t fit! Of course they can, but we are going to charge them a re-stocking fee.  Measure it, more than one way if you can, and write it all down. 

  Doesn’t it just make better sense to go back home and measure, and then come get the right door, rather than gamble on a guess and end up making two trips? Remember, nothing is standard.

   Be sure to check out our videos on how to measure and determine call sizes. It will save you time and money in the long run!