“Pocahontas” Out-Swing Doors

An out-swing entrance door that combines beauty, durability and efficiency. It is completely pre-hung, ready to install. The door has a flat mounting flange.

*These doors weigh between 50-75 pounds each, depending on size and window choice- Strong welded aluminum frame with integral weather baffle. Sealant tape and screws are not included– Three extruded hinges, complete with stainless steel bushing, join the core to the frame- Heavy, damage-resistant fiberglass panels are securely bonded to the core- Effective insulating foam core- High density foam lock block- Welded galvanized steel frame which is pre-cambered on the lock side to promote a tight seal- Core is surrounded by extruded aluminum- Bulb vinyl on all four sides forms the primary sealing system. Extruded flap vinyl on all four sides of the frame form the secondary seal.

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