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“Peel-N-Seal” Roof Membrane Covering- 6″/12″/18″ x 33 ½’ Lengths- Aluminum or White


For quick waterproof repairs- Self-sticking- single-ply, direct-to-deck installation- 45 mil asphalt backing-surface reflects heat keeping internal temperatures cooler- can be left exposed indefinitely to the elements- will not crack or dry-out- perfect for over 100 of uses ranging from full-roof applications to patching gutters and vent pipes- no glues or fasteners required, simply cut a piece to size, peel the paper off, and stick it over the problem area, or use the whole dang thing!- Sold by a box of two rolls (for the 18″ x 33.5′ size) or a single roll of the 6″ x 33.5′ size- 10 Year Limited Warranty

This item ships by parcel if ordered alone or with similar items.

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