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“Revolv” 56K / 70K / 77K BTU Gas Furnaces for 3 ½ – 4 Ton Units


The RG1 Series furnace is designed for all sizes of manufactured homes, incorporating high efficiency, reliability and low maintenance. Furnaces may be installed free-standing in a utility room, or enclosed in an alcove or closet (Vented doors are highly recommended)- Dimensions- 19 3/4″ wide x 23 3/4″ deep x 82″ 

Features-  80% +AFUE Manufactured Housing Gas Furnaces– Built-in Coil Cabinet (larger furnaces require cabinet installation onsite- Air-conditioner ready models have blowers capable of handling up to 4 tons of air conditioning– Sealed combustion design draws in combustion air directly from outside, providing quiet operation while increasing operation efficiency and reducing cold drafts– Built-in coil cabinet is design matched to work in conjunction with Revolv heat pumps and air-conditioners, providing ease of installation and highly efficient operation performance.*Sealed combustion- vents exhaust gases directly outdoors and draws in outside fresh air for combustion- Modern hot surface ignition- no pilot lights to blow out- Low maintenance- sealed bearings on motors, reliable controls and burners- Appliance quality- metal door with baked enamel- Coil cabinets for these units are shipped separately and require assembly onsite.

Important note: For the items on this page, the purchaser must be either a licensed installer or provide an affidavit as proof that they will have a licensed installer on site to install the system- For more details see the links below.

Unless you can pick it up at our warehouse, or you live close enough for our local truck delivery, this product must ship on a pallet by LTL freight!

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