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“Amerimax” Steel Mini-Gutter- (2) 6′ Lengths for Cheaper Shipping-


Our Steel Mini-Gutter from “Amerimax” is discontinued and only select colors remain.

Made of steel, these are smaller versions of the mini-gutters you normally see on older foundation homes.

Dimensions- Back wall is 2 13/16″ tall, front wall is 1 9/16″ tall. 1 3/4″ width at the top, 3/4″ width at the bottom. Smaller than the standard gutters you may see on “foundation” homes. Screws and sealants sold separately. 

It’s cheaper to ship mini-gutter this way! Pre-cut mini-gutters are non-returnable!

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Go here if you must have full 12′ pieces.

Spoilers: It costs a lot to ship full 12′ pieces!