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“Amerimax” Steel Mini-Gutter- (2) 6′ Lengths for Cheaper Shipping- White/ Cream/ Dark Brown


Made of steel, these are smaller versions of the mini-gutters you normally see on older foundation homes.

Dimensions- Back wall is 2 13/16″ tall, front wall is 1 9/16″ tall. 1 3/4″ width at the top, 3/4″ width at the bottom. Smaller than the standard gutters you may see on “foundation” homes. Screws and sealants sold separately. Also, you should know that we do not offer any corner pieces, down spouts or connectors of any kind to go with these mini-gutters.

It’s cheaper to ship mini-gutter this way! Pre-cut mini-gutters are non-returnable!

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Go here if you must have full 12′ pieces.

Spoilers: It costs a lot to ship full 12′ pieces!