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“Flex Mend” Belly Flap Trap- 18″ x 18″


Very simple to use- just peel and cover up the boo-boo- Also good for binding seams- Flex-Mend is a woven polyethylene fabric, solid coated with a specially formulated, very aggressive adhesive- An easily removed paper release liner is laminated to the fabric- With ordinary scissors, any size or shape patch or strip can be cut to fit the damaged area- Easy access panel for plumbing- rough opening 12″ x 15″- Built-in U-shaped zipper making for easy access to “hot spots” under home- Solid coated fabric with adhesive back, designed to blend perfectly with underbelly membrane. Cut, peel and stick!

This item ships by US Postage when ordered in small quantities or with similar items, and parcel for larger quantities.

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