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“Odor1 OR6” Odor Remover – 3 Ounce Spray Bottle


Efficient and Effective in removing odors and stains, easy to use, non artificial,  made in the USA- With Chlorine Dioxide technology, odors from smoke and food are permanently eliminated while killing mold and fungus- ODOR1 technology is a portable water-activated gassing system that has the power to fully remove odors resulting in a completely refreshed air-space in any vehicle or enclosed area. It is the first, and only, product to create a 99.9% Chlorine Dioxide gas on site, making it easy to eliminate strong odors and mold spores at their core-source- Removes odors and stains, such as animal urine, skunk spray, red wine, and more.

This item ships by US Postage when ordered in small quantities or with similar items, and parcel for larger quantities.