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Pre-Cut “Lifetime” Vinyl Top Front Trim – (2) 66″ Pieces


This is one Lifetime Top Front trim piece pre-cut into halves that measure 66″ long (Quantity 1= 2 pieces). This item snaps into the holding rib of the top back trim, covering the tops of vinyl skirting panels. Top front trim can also be used with top back trim for rock skirting. When turned upside-down, this trim piece can wedge between a panel and the vinyl ground channel and work very effectively as a 6″ tall weed-eater “guard” (although it holds in better with the help of a hex head screw. Available in eight colors.

When ordered alone this item can ship by parcel. If you must have full 11′ lengths, see the link below.

Pre-cut trim pieces are non-returnable!