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“Amerimax” Steel Top Trim “Z” Bar- 10′ Length- Select Colors


Our Steel “Z-Bar” Top Trim from “Amerimax” is discontinued and only select colors remain.

It comes in 10′ lengths and can be used as a capping trim for rock skirting, or as a capping trim for steel skirting. It is also used as a bottom border for steel siding. We call it a “Z-Bar” because it’s profile resembles the letter “Z”. For rock or steel skirting the Z-Bar is installed over the tops of the panels. Hex screws are recommended for installation (we suggest one screw per 2 lineal feet)

For more details see the links below.

Unless you can pick it up at our warehouse, or you live close enough for our local truck delivery, this product must ship on a pallet by LTL freight!