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“Titan Prime” Vinyl Skirting Panel – White / Clay / Dove


Uniquely engineered to withstand the ongoing rigors of lawn trimming, child’s play, as well as mother nature, the Titan Prime Vinyl Panel design is one flat exterior panel backed by an interior panel girded with vertical rigid ribs, offering superior protection from high winds, frost heaving, and hail. One panels is16″ wide and 144″ tall, 5/8″ thick and weighs 10 pounds. It is meant to be cut down into smaller pieces that stand inside the ground channel and rest between the top trim pieces- You can cut them with tin snips but it’s difficult- a skill saw is better- Wind Stay Rods are recommended to secure the panel to the top trim where seasonal ground changes and high winds are a concern- Panels should also be notched with a punch tool to help secure the panel at the top and the bottom- Available in 3 colors- See links below for more information.

We are sorry but we do not cut Titan Prime Panels. We will only sell and ship them in full lengths.

Unless you can pick it up at our warehouse, or you live close enough for our local truck delivery, this product must ship on a pallet by LTL freight!

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